Leutfridus: The Wooden Statue at Allington Castle

The Wooden Statue at Allington Castle: A Historical Treasure

Nestled within the walls of Allington Castle is a little wooden statue. This extraordinary piece depicts a figure named Leutfridus reading to a young girl, and it’s a symbol of the castle’s rich history and connections.

A Connection to the Carmelites

Allington Castle is known for its historical significance and has a storied past that includes a notable connection to the Carmelite Order. This religious order, renowned for its commitment to education and learning, once owned the castle. The wooden statue of Leutfridus provides a striking testament to this historical link.

The Story Carved in Wood

Leutfridus, portrayed in the statue, was a figure historically associated with the Carmelite Order. The detail of the statue presents him in the act of reading a book to an attentive girl, emphasizing his commitment to the sharing of knowledge.

Beyond the personal narrative of Leutfridus, the statue beautifully symbolizes the passing of knowledge from one generation to the next, a timeless theme. The broader historical context also highlights the critical role such educators played in preserving and disseminating knowledge throughout the centuries.

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