Allington Castle and the Wyatt Family

Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder: Poet and Courtier

Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder (1503-1542) was a renowned poet, courtier, and diplomat who served under the reign of King Henry VIII. Born into a prominent and wealthy family, Wyatt was educated at St. John’s College, Cambridge. He is credited with introducing the Italian sonnet form to English literature and is considered one of the pioneering poets of the English Renaissance. His most famous works include “Whoso List to Hunt,” “They Flee from Me,” and “The Lover’s Appeal.”

The elder Wyatt’s connection to Allington Castle began in 1537 when he inherited the estate from his father, Sir Henry Wyatt. The elder Wyatt acquired the castle in 1492 and made significant improvements to it, transforming it into a comfortable and impressive Tudor residence.

Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger: Politician and Rebel

Sir Thomas Wyatt the Younger (1521-1554), the son of Wyatt the Elder, was also a prominent figure in English history, although his legacy is more political than literary. He was born at Allington Castle and, like his father, served in the court of King Henry VIII. He later served under King Edward VI and Queen Mary I.

Wyatt the Younger is best known for his role in leading the unsuccessful Wyatt’s Rebellion in 1554. The rebellion was motivated by opposition to Queen Mary I’s marriage to Philip II of Spain and the fear of the increasing influence of Catholicism in England. The uprising ultimately failed, and Wyatt the Younger was captured, found guilty of treason, and executed. His actions and subsequent execution led to the confiscation of the Wyatt family’s lands and properties, including Allington Castle.

Stained Glass Family Crest op Sir Thomas Wyatt
Stained glass Wyatt family coat of arms in the Great Hall at Allington Castle

Discover Your Wyatt Heritage with Exclusive Private Tours at Allington Castle

Our small group tours provide an opportunity for those with a family connection to explore the history and legacy of the Wyatt family at Allington Castle. By participating in these tours, visitors can view the family crest displayed in the Great Hall’s stained glass panel and experience firsthand the magnificent residence that played a crucial role in the lives of both Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder and Sir Thomas Wyatt the

Our special private tours are designed for small groups or families of up to eight people, offering an immersive experience as you delve into the castle’s rich history. For a two-hour guided tour encompassing the gardens and access to some restricted areas of the castle, the cost is £750 + VAT per group. 

Important information for booking small private tours:

UK Citizens: To maintain the safety and security of our staff and visitors, we require at least one member of the tour group to provide a copy of their basic DBS check, obtainable at

Non-UK citizens: Please provide copies of the passports of two of the people in your group.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and create a memorable experience as you discover your Wyatt heritage.

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