Allington Castle

Kent’s Allington Castle is a medieval 12th-century castle located about three miles northwest of Maidstone.┬áThe castle is fully furnished in keeping with its medieval origins, with tapestries and antique furniture, as well as the Great Hall, where Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn dined with Sir Thomas Wyatt around 1530.

All that remains of the original castle is a section of wall and the kitchen fireplace built in 1174. The Wyatt family acquired the castle in 1491 and converted it into a mansion house. As a result of fire damage in the late 16th century, it was abandoned until 1905. The castle was then purchased by Sir Martin Conway, who partially restored it. For nearly 50 years, the castle was the home of a Carmelite convent.

Allington Castle Today

Despite being a private residence, the Great Hall, barn, and gardens are available for exclusive weddings, corporate events, and filming.

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